Here at Vanishing Inc., we’re trying hard not to over-promise on product descriptions or oversell you. But we mean this: “Bubble Thought” is the best virtual card trick we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it garners gasps and screams. And because it doesn’t require any tedious, mathematical follow-along instructions.

“Bubble Thought” looks like this, and it really is this clean: A spectator grabs any deck of cards from around their house and mixes them thoroughly while you do the same with your deck. They hold the cards up to their screen so you, the performer, can think of one. Then you hold up your cards so they can think of one. Now each of you cuts the pack at any point you like. You each cut to each other’s card. Pure. Simple. Impossible.

“Bubble Thought” is more than a simple glimpse and reveal. There are layers of subtlety to ensure that every moment in the trick is both clear and impossible. The best part might just be Adam’s revolutionary, new handling of the venerable Cross Cut Force. His handling not only allows you to perform this long distance, but it allows you to perform the force without ever touching the cards. Moreover, the two packets are kept entirely separate for the duration of the force, which (we think) makes it even more effective.

Running time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Please note: “Bubble Thought” will require you to assemble “your” deck of cards from several existing decks. There are no gaffs required, per se, but duplicate cards are necessary.

“Such a smart virtual trick. I’ll be using this often!”Andi Gladwin

“The best virtual trick I’ve ever seen.”Joshua Jay

“Adam Elbaum has a gift for creating effects that are easy to understand and methods that are impossible to reconstruct. His latest creation, Bubble Thought, begins with a disarming take on Think-a-Card and ends with the thing we’ve all been searching for since March – A reveal on their side of the screen with no contrived procedure. It is the perfect virtual card trick.”Noah Levine

“Adam’s thinking is as deep as his voice. (And both turn me on for some reason?) Highly recommended. (Use headphones.)”Harrison Greenbaum

Bubble Thought is amazing! Adam Elbaum, one of the cleverest guys I know, has created not only a great, practical effect, but has completely reimagined one of the oldest sleights you know in a ground breaking way. Bravo!”Marc DeSouza

“A slickly constricted routine which combines classic elements from Al Koran’s “Double Thought” and Dai Vernon’s “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained” to produce a uniquely modern piece of virtual magic. Highly recommended!”Matt Baker


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