If you are one of those who watched Cabaret du Monde magic videos, you might recognize Kimoon Do for his Conductor Act.
Kimoon now is up to Card Close-up magic. We understand in the market, there are many single tricks with certain gimmicks to wow the spectators.
Kimoon, however wants to show that sleights and card routines can be still powerful and fun to perform.

He utilizes basic moves to create a routine with a modern touch and yes, you can learn and see how Kimoon perform from start to finish.
We are from South Korea and there aren’t many Koreans who releases lectures these days so we want sincere feedback from the world, which is THE MAGIC Café!

“Artistic. Innovative. Visual. Elegant. These all describe the card magic of Ki Moon Do.”

-John Guastaferro-

  • BRAVE is The official lecture DVD produced by Majestic.
    Witness the brilliant ideas of Kimoon Do you can perform with just a deck of cards.
  • Learn 12 card tricks with real-life tips Kimoon Do offers from his numerous award-winning performances.
    Also check out methods to perform dramatically and effectively to the spectators with detailed instructions.
  • Experience the work Kimoon Do has worked on throughout the whole production.
    (Gimmick / English subtitles included)


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