There’s something undeniably romantic about tossing a message into the ocean and seeing to whom fate – abetted by the currents and wind – might deliver the marine missive.

Messages have been slipped into bottles and shipped on mysterious voyages at least since 310 B.C., when Greek philosopher Theophrastus employed the tactic to test his theory that the Atlantic flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

A message is chosen in the form of a playing card. You introduce a mini glass bottle sealed with a cork. With a wave of the hand a miniature of the selection appears rolled up and sealed inside the bottle. You open up the bottle to toss it out and as it emerges from within it’s glass prison it enlarges to the actual size of the selection.

Each gimmick is hand crafted by Perseus himself making sure it reaches the quality standards needed.

You will receive anything you need to perform this masterpiece:

  • Normal mini glass bottle
  • Gimmicked mini glass bottle
  • Fully illustrated instructional booklet

Difficulty llevel: 4/5


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