From the creative mind of Adrian Carratala comes this linking finger rings effect using borrowed rings. A concept that is always ready to go and can be performed as a routine by itself, or in combination with your favourite himber ring routine. You can perform it anytime anywhere, but note that the illusion have been developed for parlour situations so if you want to perform it on street you will have to manage your audience.

This are the strong points:

. No magnets, threads or wires are used.

?? Rings are really borrowed, they are always in plain sight, they can be examined before and after the illusion and you never switch them. So no duplicates or fake rings are needed.

?? Your hands can be shown clearly during the entire routine and you ends completely clean.

?? Gimmicks are really easy and cheap to make, and once you have make them they will last you for a long time (about 500 performances). You can set them into your wallet to be always ready to go.

?? You will learn 2 different handlings to perform depending on the situation


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