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An impromptu visual demonstration of modern fakirism. Demonstrate your freakish tolerance to fire.

Warning:. This trick requires fire You must be at least 18 years old to perform this stunt.

If you want to freak out your friends, you will love this impromptu technique The effect is as follows:. Any time, anywhere with no preparation at all, you ask for a borrowed lighter (any lighter), then you turn it on and put the flame directly under your hand touching your skin, keeping it there for at least 30 seconds with no harm at all.

Your hands could be examined just before, and after the effect, and even during the performance !. And here are the main points:

?? 100% impromptu and ALWAYS ready to perform.
?? No chemicals required.
?? Fully examinable before, during and after performance.
?? Safe technique and not painful at all when is performed properly.

Brilliant ideas are simple, and this is one of these tricks that you will perform when someone ask you for a magic trick and you have nothing on you.


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