Approaching Coin Magic is a project that aims to fill a gap in coin magic learning.
With all the reason in the world coin magic has earned a reputation of being unfriendly to start with. As a matter of fact, it is a nonstarter for many, even skilled full cardicians. Make no mistake both card magic and coin magic are equally hard to master, but coin magic is definitely harder to start with. On the other hand, coin magic is the perfect complement for a card magician as it provides with many resources that are not that easily developed practicing only card magic, such as body coordination, body communication or body awareness. Resources that will pay off doing magic with many other elements such as cups & balls, ropes…
The idea is to present a comprehensible and progressive path to acquire solid foundations in this field: technical and theorical as well as aesthetical. The course does not present the knowledge in an encyclopedic way, as there are many references like this already and I don’t consider it to be the optimal approach didactical wise. Instead of trying to cover all the techniques or effects, I propose a path with selected nuggets to learn, study and practice, hierarchically ordered in importance and usefulness.
This is the Volume I of the series. It is aimed to people with no background in coin magic as well as people with experience in the field that want to reinforce the fundamentals

  1. Introduction(3min)
  2. Tips for rehearsal(3,5 min)
  3. “Bluff Vanish”(12,5 min): Your first sleight of hand coin magic effect. A complete vanish of a coin, impromptu, no palms or secret concealments required. This is an updated classic that also features an application for John Scare’s “The Eagle Speaks” where a coin finds a freely selected card.
  4. The Finger Palm(15 min): Position, further reharsal tips, advanced false fransfer, advanced shuttle pass, the pivoting production…)
  5. “Coin & marker”(4,5 min): A performable rehearsal routine to put together several concepts and techniques into play (Motivating the moves, Ramsey’s subtlety, fiction and verisimilitude…)
  6. “Coin production”(4 min): A streamlined three-coin production sophisticated and simple (works for any small objects such as dice, biscuits…). Perfect as standalone piece or to introduce coins for another routine


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