“Apollo is a polished performer with some wonderfully creative ideas! It would be in your best interest to pick this up, study it, and apply these ideas to your own act!” -Michael O’Brien

“Apollo is a rare breed in magic. Mixing his modern style with vintage mechanics, Apollo creates truly unique moments of magic. Taking street magic style and making it play well on stage is difficult… yet Apollo nails it every time!” -John Stessel

“Great touches on classic routines. A worker’s delight!” -Joshua Messado

“I’ll put it simple … lf you’re searching for serious magic from a serious creator … your search is OVER!” -Doug Edwards

What will he teach?


Card Manipulations:

Deck production- A silk handkerchief is produced from a piece of flash string then a card box with a full deck is produced with the flick of the handkerchief.

Card Fanning- One-handed circular fan and a one handed “S” fan. Split Fans with some personal touches.

Single Productions- The right and the wrong way to do it

Boomerang Card- A lot of fun and definitely an attention grabber.

Toss-up Fan Production and the Boomerang Fan Production Variation– A single card is thrown in the air and turns into a fan of cards as it is caught.

Front Hand Split, the Perfect Production and the Tenkai Vanish with Aquitment

Cards From Mouth


Bank’d- A chance for the spectators to take home some prizes but unfortunately, they are booby prizes except for one! The prizes consist of a “mini ziploc bag”, a quarter, a rubber band, “wishing paper”, a business card and a $100 bill. Of course with the magician wanting to keep the final prize, he ends up with the $100 bill.

Celebrity Mental Choice- The magician gives a person another chance to win the hundred so he asks the person to choose one of five celebrity photos from a game spinner. They can choose to spin it or simply point the arrow to the celebrity of their choice. Whichever one they pick, the magician presents a prediction that has been made before the start of the show. Of course, the magicians still keeps the $100 bill.

Lickety Splits- Using one of the prizes from the last routine, the quarter this is a highly visual coin splitting routine. Once 4 quarters are produced, he returns the quarter to the spectator which now flows into the next routine.

A.R.C.A. (Apollo Riego’s Coins Across)- Coins audibly and visibly travel from the hand into an empty card case one at a time.

Reboot- Apollo’s version of a Paul Harris classic known as Reset.

Triplicity- This is a real reputation maker. 3 predictions are made within a deck of cards ahead of time but spectators are asked to choose 3 different cards. It is their choice whether they want to hide, keep, or give away each selection. All predictions match with each card saying hide, keep, and give.

Deliberation Papercut- An extremely sharp razor blade sealed inside one of 6 envelopes. A volunteer is asked to hold each envelope out and the magician starts to clap and crush each envelope attempting to avoid the blade. A truly nerve racking game of Russian Roulette. $100 Bill Russian Roulette variation can be used with the same plot except the envelopes are cut with a pair of scissors.

Who is he?

Apollo Riego has been creating magic since 2003 and now it’s time to share some of his effects to the magic world! Turning pro at the age of 16, Apollo has been performing in New York City from the streets to the stage. Having a background in close up and stage magic, this lecture is sure to have something for everyone. After appearing on television several times in multiple commercials and releasing best selling effects in the magic community, including Deliberation, which hit #1 best seller on Penguin Magic, it’s now time for Apollo Riego’s Penguin Live Lecture!


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