Allow yourself to slip off the edge, and fall into the Abyss.

As you tumble down and whirl around imagine a spectators voice in your head. They’re trying to throw you off the scent. To deceive you. To muddy your perception of reality… Yet an incredible calm comes over you.

Somehow, despite all this, you exist in a state of total clarity. You just know what is true. What has meaning. Everything they say goes through some kind of automatic filter in your mind. A filter that flushes out all distractions and leaves you with a single pure thought: their thought.

Abyss is not just one routine, a mere trick. Abyss is a loophole in human thought and communication. A loophole that opens infinite doors.

Living and Dead, ACAAN, PIN guesses, name guesses, Lie Detector Tests and many more effects can now be achieved entirely propless, with hardly any process.

These effects are not for the faint of heart. There is no trick here. This is simply mind reading.

Dare you take the step? Dare you enter the Abyss?

NOTE: After publication I sent this work as a gift to the remarkable Atlas Brookings. He later contacted me, telling me he had explored related principles to different affect in his work “The Real Thing”. There are distinct differences between the two works, and each allow for effects to be achieved not possible with the other, however when Atlas made me aware of this relationship it was important to me that his contribution to this field be publicly acknowledged. Readers of either work will gain significantly from the expansions made in the other, and I therefore heartily recommend Atlas’s work to all purchasers of Abyss.

Fraser Parker – “This is the closest thing to real mind reading I’ve ever seen. Some of the best work I’ve seen to date! Ross is really changing the future of our art.”

Ben Cardall – “Wow, Ross! This is incredible. Last night I did a full 20 minute set with nothing but this method. Excellent job, Sir!”


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