Constructed from years of trial and error, Asi’s Any Card at Any Number is a masterpiece of modern-day magic.

The effect is suitable for both close-up and stage with a method that is nearly impossible to reconstruct. It can be performed surrounded and may be repeated with no *additional* setup required. Only an ordinary deck of cards is used. Nothing else.

What we love most about this effect is that Asi has taken a classic plot in card magic (Any Card at Any Number) and combined it with his background in mentalism to construct a routine that when viewed in performance seems like so much more than “just” a card trick. AACAAN is an interactive performance piece that will make your reputation!

Immediately after purchase you will receive access to our exclusive 30 minute explanation, on video for the first time ever. Learn the method in detail from Asi Wind along with several alternative presentational ideas.

Asi has honed his handling of the ACAAN plot over many years and many methods. Like most incredible ACAAN methods, this does require some memorization – what you’ll need to memorize is listed at the end of the explanation.


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