21st Century Shaman is a beautiful routine inspired ancient shamanic rituals.

Armed with nothing more than some business cards and a pen, get ready to unleash your powerful oracular abilities, with 21st Century Shaman!

Being able to provide inspiring and thoughtful answers to specific questions is one of the oldest and most valued traditions of mystics, oracles and shamans. This routine allows you to reconnect with this ancient skill, and perform one of the most meaningful acts one can do for a perfect stranger.

The routine:
After an engaging introduction, your spectator writes an important question on the back of your business card (the justification for the writing will make you grin!) this card is placed out of sight until the end.

After choosing an element of nature from which your spectator wishes to receive guidance, you begin to connect to the energies of that element, and deliver your impressions, readings and most importantly, answers and insights into your spectator’s question.

The experience ends with a simple but beautiful moment of synchronicity in the hands of your spectator; an acknowledgment, a positive sign from the universe, an indication of it’s presence.

In OVER ONE HOUR of video instruction, Lewis Le Val discusses;

The inspiration and motivation behind the routine, along with the intended purpose of it.

The full handling, and scripting ideas.

Justifications for every gesture and action.

How to give satisfying answers to questions without making promises.

Expanding the routine and providing readings.

Alternative presentations.

A PROPLESS approach to performing the routine.

How to apply suggestion to make your spectator literally ‘feel’ something,

And much, much more.

21st Century Shaman is EASY to do, with NO gimmicks, NO setup and NOTHING to memorise.

This is one of Le Val’s personal favourites, as the entire experience becomes an act of mentalism with profound purpose. The ancients would be proud!


Jose Prager’s Note:

This is amazing. A completely justified full billet peek with an outstanding presentation.

I love this so much. Lewis is insanely smart and my favorite mentalism creator alive (I know them all!).


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