Window Pro by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

For the first time in the card through window effect, the card is signed and ends clean on the other side of the window. Performed live without the assistance of anyone else. Have a spectator freely pick a card from a regular Bicycle deck of cards. Once the card is chosen and signed, the card is lost in the deck. You are going to place a piece of tape on the back of one card, the one you believe being the chosen signed card. Stick that card on a window, facing the spectators. Unfortunately, this is not the spectators card… Then, you take a silk or a napkin, and wipe the window clean. Amazingly, the card will instantly transform into the spectators signed card, and they then can retrieve the card themselves. All the action happens on the back of the window. Everything can be given for examination ! And the spectator can keep the card as a souvenir. – Nearly self working and very easy to perform. – You end totally clean. – The spectator can get the card themselves from the other side of the window. – No force of any kind, the card is freely chosen. – Resets in seconds. – Self contained, no need of the help of an assistant. Note: Contains all props to perform t

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