Turn by Christophe Hery

This could be the final version of the “Quick Change”- the cleanest and fastest ever.

A simple turn-around transforms impossible effects into possible results— Appearing, Disappearing, Changing to a different colored shirt, and even Cleaning up (from a shirt with a stain to a shirt that’s stain-free!) (The effects you see in the video are just a few of the unlimited possibilities!)

We’re sure you will find the inspiration to develop new, mind-boggling effects!

Very easy to set up, use, and handle.

Your hands are completely free throughout the transformation!

You are wearing a black T-shirt. You turn around (spin) with both arms outstretched.
When you return to face front, you are wearing a different colored T-shirt.

— Gimmick works Silently

— Easy to Set Up

— Resets in 15 Seconds

— Hands-free (neither hand involved)

Includes a special gimmick (ready to use) along with a T-shirt (medium-sized) for sample. Of course, you can customize it easily to modify whatever you want…any size, any color, anything!

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