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The Tracker By Jamie Daws



With so many different versions of the truth teller/liar plot coming out, it is hard to remember them all. Now imagine a system that allows you to do this and more with barely anything to remember because you will KNOW if they are lying or telling the truth! Without logic puzzles, predetermined questions or psychological forces, you will be able to accurately determine someones lies and their truths and track the whereabouts of objects, thoughts and… well, whatever you want really!

Imagine you display three coins of different denominations and one drinks bottle cap. You instruct a spectator to place the cap over one of the coins and then, with the other two coins, to place one in each hand. You instruct them to either lie to you or to tell you the truth and after a couple of questions and their best poker face, you reveal where each coin is and whether they were telling you lies or the truth!

The book is laid out with practise scenarios so that you can test yourself, which makes the learning of the system an absolute breeze!

“I’m only half way through and already this is epic!!”
Dave Loosley Jan 26, 2020
“As someone who consumes a lot of magic and mentalism, I very rarely come across anything that stays in my head for more than 5 minutes. This, however, stuck and it’s still there. It’s not a trick, it’s a system (a term which is wildly overused, but in this case true), and as such I’ve found several ways to implement it and change routines I already do, and come up with new ones. My mind is still reeling with all the possibilities, and I doubt it’ll stop anytime soon. If you know me, you would know that I don’t like anything, and if I say something is good, it probably means it’s great, but this is great, so go figure!”
Daniel Young Jan 22, 2020

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