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A two card transposition that can be done virtually. This is a true psychological masterpiece. The spectator looks at one card from a group and remembers it. They then place a card between their hands. You then try to correctly guess what card they have selected. However, the indifferent card you show is incorrect. It’s ok though. You can fix this! You then change the indifferent card into the spectator’s selected card. The spectator then checks between their hands to find that the indifferent card you just made vanish has now impossibly appeared there.

Your spectator grabs a block of cards from their own deck, shuffles them and fans them toward the camera. While they do this, they also glance at the cards and lock one in their mind. You then instruct them to fan the cards toward themselves, with the backs facing the camera. At the same time, you also fan out a packet of cards. Then, impossibly, you both reach into your spreads and retrieve the card that the spectator merely thought of. There is no way these cards should match, but they do!

The Rite
After your spectator fairly shuffles the deck, they remove a three of a kind and mix them with other random cards extremely fairly. This mixed up packet of cards is then placed on the top of the deck and just like an oil and water routine, the three of a kind magically separates from the other cards. This amazing magic trick can even be instantly repeated!

Remote Ambition
The spectator randomly selects a face down card and then, without looking at it, makes a mark on the face with a sharpie marker. This signed card is then lost in the deck. The spectator then takes part in an imagination game that quickly turns real when that marked card rises to the top of their deck of cards!

Berglas 2.0
The ultimate virtual closer. An ACAAN that can be done virtually. A spectator’s chosen card appears at a chosen number.

Download and start learning right away!

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