The Darkest Corners By Ben Hart

A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool, this inaugural release from UK magician and Britain’s Got Talent sensation Ben Hart is more than just a magic book. It is a rare collection of complete, audience-tested parlor magic routines taken straight from the professional repertoire of an international touring magician. The Darkest Corners offers an exclusive look at Ben’s unmatched creativity and desire to push the boundaries of magic.

Ben is known for taking classic magic effects and revolutionizing them with unique and original methods, as well as strong storytelling and theatricality. Every show Ben has ever created has been a sellout at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Darkest Corners is filled with only the best routines from those shows.

The routines in The Darkest Corners are modern and engaging, using intriguing presentations to create highly-deceptive effects. This includes Ben’s signature trick Incubation (which many of you may have seen on either Britain’s Got Talent or at Magifest 2020), where a piece of confetti visually transforms into a solid egg. This jaw-dropping piece of magic features an unbelievable method that is just as beautiful as the trick itself.

Other Highlights Include:

Melocoton: A signed tissue transforms into the stone of a peach. Then, when that peach (which has been in plain view the whole time) is cut open, it is revealed that the signed tissue is now inside of it where the stone should be.

A Shot in the Dark: Mystify a theater full of people using nothing more than a box of matches. Ben has transformed a seemingly simple trick into a powerful moment that can captivate audiences of nearly any size.

Nuts: The entire audience is asked to think of a time when they acted “silly” or “nuts”. A walnut is then tossed throughout the audience to select a spectator at random. This spectator is then invited on stage, where they learn a summary of their memory is inscribed on a tiny scroll sealed inside the walnut they were just holding.

Hart to Hofzinser: A chosen card appears rolled inside a spectator’s wedding ring, which is held behind their back the entire time.

The Human Lottery Machine: After a four-digit number is generated randomly by members of the audience, the magician regurgitates four solid balls. One by one, it’s revealed that the numbers on these balls match the randomly generated number.

Additionally, you’ll see Ben’s dynamic creativity come to life with a trick using a real venus fly trap, as well as a special prediction using a live fruit fly. Ben also offers invaluable insight on how to alter your presentation to perform mind-blowing magic on the radio, techniques for using video projection when performing stage magic, and much more.

This 300+ page book is filled with 250 stunning photos and is absolutely gorgeous from front to back. The Darkest Corners is a book you’ll be proud to own.

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