The Art of Palming by Javi Benitez

If you’ve got people watching your sleight of hand, you’re doing it wrong.

Written into the laws of card technique, smooth beats speed every time.  That’s fact.  The idea is to make your sleight of hand look like ANY natural movement.  And that natural movement needs CAUSE to be there at the time it’s performed.  A reason for the movement.

And that’s why Javi’s sh!!t goes past EVERYONE.

Natural.  Fluid.  Nothing to look at.

The first time we met Javi Benitez he fooled the Ellusionist team with a simple ‘card to pocket’ ….5 times in a row.  His palm is so fluid, it moves through the cracks in your brain and you CAN’T see it.

And that’s the only reason for Penn’s outburst on the ‘Fool Us’ set.  Even Penn and Teller, with as much as they know, were unable to visibly see Javi’s sleight of hand.  He won the trophy with palming.

In life, there’s a saying, to learn and absorb from the best.  This full more than hour long treatise will have you performing better all-around moves and magic, not just palming.  Pick up Javi’s thoughts and thinking patterns toward palming and it will make your moves automatically smoother, more invisible.  Plus, you’ll get the fine tuning of Javi’s SMOOTH PALM which is worth the cost of the video by itself.

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