THE 52 TO 1 DECK by Wayne Fox and David Penn

The 52 to 1 Deck is here and ready to floor everyone, magicians and spectators alike! This is the cleanest thought-of card locator you’ve ever seen. Period!

Many in the magic community have been hailing the virtues of the 52 to 1 deck, and with good reason: it’s incredible power and versatility. Just imagine how a perfect thought-of card routine would go: A spectator could merely think of a card and cut to it. Yet the 52 to 1 deck allows you to just that! You can also pull named cards out of a fan, identify multiple thought-of cards, and even dead cut to named cards repeatedly!

This deck is set and ready to destroy audiences to an amazing degree. They won’t believe their eyes, and you won’t believe the reactions. Order yours today!

Printed on Bicycle stock with Rider backs

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