Signed Card Thru the Frame by Higar

Superior Magic doesn’t have to be difficult….

There is only one requirement: SIMPLE and EASY handling.

Incredible Ideas make it simple, easy, and visually possible.

Magician shows an empty photo frame. There is absolutely nothing unusual about the frame; it’s just an ordinary frame.
The magician asks the spectator to choose one card and sign on it.
The signed card is returned to the deck and shuffled.

The magician allows cards to spring up and out of his hand so they bounce against the frame.
But then as they fall back, we can see the cosen & signed card appears inside the frame.
The back cover is opened to show the card definitely has penetrated a solid glass in order to appear inside the frame.

・Does not require difficult card techniques.

・The spectator can examine the frame before and after the performance to see there is a solid glass.

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