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Shift Spoon By Ellusionist

Shift Spoons | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

Shift’s audience-activated technology reacts to your spectator’s body-heat, agitating the spoon’s molecules and causing them to move and bend… by themselves.

When you or your spectators touch Shift, it will bend.

No “dirty” work or misdirection is required. You don’t even need to touch the spoon yourself, putting it leagues ahead of all other spoon-bending routines… Shift just does the work for you.

“My only regret is that it’s being sold to the public… this should be all mine.”
– Morgan Strebler, creator of Liquid Metal re: our shift fork

“The most WTF moment spectators will ever experience.”
– Dan Sperry, World-Renowned Professional Magician re: our shift fork

Once prepared, Shift Spoon will remain unbent and unnoticed until the exact moment you need it. Giving you a convincing demonstration of psychokinesis that ceases to be labelled as just magic.

The gimmick is engineered to stay straight in room temperature UNTIL you place it inside the spectator’s hands, your hands or near another heat source.

Developed by real scientists. Performed by real sorcerers. Shift spoons are as close to real spoon bending as you will ever get.

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