Sankey’s Secret Files 2 Volumes

Over 3 HOURS of 25 devastating routines! We couldn’t recommend this one more highly!


Over the past 10 years, during countless live shows, Jay has revised handlings, altered presentations, gained exciting new insights and more!

All of this valuable information is shared in a new ‘SECRET FILES:UPDATED HANDLINGS’ booklet available EXCLUSIVELY when you PRE-ORDER ‘SECRET FILES!’



25 AWESOME magic and mentalism effects for ALL SKILL LEVELS! Originally released almost 10 years ago, a recent world-wide survey of Jay’s fans revealed that ‘SECRET FILES’ is one of Jay’s most popular DVD projects- EVER! Learn 25 KILLER effects with playing cards, paper matches, aspirin bottles, keys, note pads, coins, stickers, newspapers, sugar packets, handkerchiefs, match boxes, flash paper and more! [Read the complete list of effects at the bottom of this page!]



What Jay now uses instead of a black sticker with ‘Tunnel Vision.’

The one word Jay prints on a blank piece of paper with his alternative presentation of ‘SWEET BREAD.’

How Jay ‘adds to the reality’ of his shocking ‘FOUND MONEY’ 3-coin production.

Why you should consider NOT rubbing the ‘still warm’ card on the back of the spectator’s hand with ‘CARBON PAPER.’

What borrowed items Jay often uses to astound people with his traveling tear effect ‘NOMAD’ instead of playing cards.

Why Jay stopped performing ‘REMOTE CONTROL’ as a color change routine at adult birthday parties (and started performing it to create an awesome souvenir.)

How Jay sets himself up for a killer mentalism effect whenever sharing ‘PENALTY BOX.’

The eye-popping, 2-phase KICKER Jay added to his renowned ‘X’ handling of the Invisible Deck.

The inspired restructuring of his torn and restored ‘STRONG MEDICINE’ routine that allows for the medicine bottle to be examined before the magic starts.

How Jay changed ‘HEALER’ into a perfect moment of self-promotion.

The small prop Jay ALWAYS includes in his private party presentation of MIDNIGHT SPECIAL’ to set a dramatic tone and get bigger reactions.



“Jay Sankey has very generously divulged over 2 dozen Drop Jaw Tricks, each one is just as solid as the next. There are no weak tricks here so when you’re tire. Raise the bar, do yourself a favor and order this!!!!”-Jay Goodwin

“Secret files is sankeys best material! So many effects that make your brain fry!”-Francis McAllister

“Me and my magic buddies have been Sankey fans for years. Last night we took a vote and the majority agreed that there is more serious magic on ‘Secret Files’ than any other of Jay’s discs.”-Bailey Grier

“Not only do you learn awesome tricks but they’re taught by one of the coolest and funniest magicians around. Jay is HILARIOUS! This is a must for any magician.”-Adam Fontana

“There is only one word to describe this project, WOW!!! One of, if not the best Jay Sankey DVD so far. Worth every cent.”-Nathaniel Mollick

“The material on this DVD set has some very strong items. X on DVD is the only way to be performing the invisible deck. Overall you can’t go wrong with this.”-Clay Skaggs

“I just about knocked myself out on the wall trying to take guesses at the techniques used for his magic in this video. This is my favorite Sankey Video. Period. If you cannot find at least 6 tricks on this video you like… That’s impossible.”-Casey Drummer

“I think Jay is great, and I love all of his stuff. I think this is better than all of his other stuff. I highly recommend it!”-Craig Maddocks

“This is one of the best DVD sets out there! The tricks CHAMELEON, SIGNED, SIGNGED & DELIVERED, X, TUNNEL VISION, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: these are some of favorites. Half of these are worth the price of the DVD set. I have only performed CLASSIFIED once and it has landed me several jobs with people, businesses, and resturants. You MUST get this.”-Mark Sawyers



1.CARBON PAPER – A smoke stain tavels from one card to another!

2.WHAT IF – A shocking transformation of a page from a notepad!

3.STRONG MEDICINE – A killer 2-phase effect with a borrowed bill!

4.SELECTIVE MEMORY – Jay’s all-time favorite “Four Ace” opener!

5.OUTSIDER – An eye-popping color changing deck routine!

6.BLACK MARKET – Mind control with a book of matches!

7.PENALTY BOX – A card vanishes from the card case under test conditions!

8.SWEET BREAD – A sugar packet and a bill change places in the spectator’s hand!

9.180 DEGREES – The “Triumph” routine that blows magicians away!

10.CHAMELEON – A matchbook changes into a selected card!

11.SENSATIONS – A ridiculously easy two key transposition!

12.SIGNED, SINGED & DELIVERED– You won’t believe what Jay does with flash paper!

13.REMOTE CONTROL – Laypeople kiss their “free will” goodbye!

14.NOMAD – A tear visually JUMPS from one card to another!

15.X – The “Invisible Deck” handling all the pros will be doing!

16.FOUND MONEY – It looks like trick photography!

17.MIDNIGHT SPECIAL – Predict the hour a spectator was BORN!

18.TUNNEL VISION – A 4 card-4 coin routine with a difference!

19.FED EXCHANGE – An extremely “heavy” two card transposition!

20.THE WAVE LOAD – The “L’homme Masque” move for the 2nd Millenium!

21.DITTO – A very, very, very, sneaky “Do As I Do.”

22.OVER THE COUNTER – Jay’s hyper-practical floating aspirin routine!

23.SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION – A card ignites inside a sealed card case!

24.HEALER – The audience SEES a torn card HEAL itself!

25.CLASSIFIED – The “Newspaper Prediction” worth $25,000 in performing contracts!

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