RUBICON by Gregory Wilson

Super easy to do (comes complete with EVERYTHING needed to do both phases of the routine) No legitimate cube-solving necessary Can be performed close-up, stand-up and completely surrounded The custom-designed, state-of-the-art gimmick does all the work for you! THIS IS THE CUBE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR “For over a decade, I have performed RUBICON around the world and have been asked over and over when I’m releasing it to the conjuring community. My original version was handcrafted, but only recent state-of-the-art technology enabled the gimmick to be engineered and machined in a far superior fashion. About five years ago I allowed a few high-caliber magician friends to perform this routine, as I knew they would do it justice in their professional shows. I am confident you will enjoy it as much as they have.” – Greg Wilson “RUBICON is so spectacular that I featured it on one of my TV specials!” – Cyril Takayama “Greg’s elegant solution is as simple as it is beautiful.” – Asi Wind “For so many reasons, RUBICON is one of the most talked about moments in my parlour and stage shows.” – Ryan Oakes “You get away with it right under their noses. The hardest part is not laughing as you do so.” – Garrett Thomas “The real con is you will look like a genius without being one.” – Karl Hein “This is as good or better than any $10,000 illusion in my show!” – Rick Wilcox (magic theater owner/performer in Wisconsin Dells) Don’t think of this as a trick, but rather as 5 to 7 miraculous minutes to add directly to your show. Comes with everything you need to RUBICON your audience immediately: – Two cubes – Precision-made gimmick – Customized performance box – Instructional streaming video – Adoring fans not included

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