Real Coin Magic By Benjamin Earl

Real Coin Magic by Benjamin Earl - YouTube

On Real Coin Magic, Benjamin Earl presents four original coin magic compositions designed to strip away the glitz and flourish of coin magic and revert it to something much more raw. The effects are simple in construction, for the most part easy in method, and filled with deep psychological ploys. Each one uses normal pocket change and minimal presentation to bring your audience into a world where coin magic can seem mysterious and magical. You’ll learn:

PRIMARY MOVEMENT: A coin is cleanly placed into your left hand and a participant holds on to both your wrists. With no funny moves, the coin transports from your left to your right hand and the spectator feels the exact moment it travels.

SDS VANISH: A coin vanish that relies entirely on a new psychological illusion. The audience will believe that they see a coin dematerialise in front of their eyes.

METAL SWITCH: A two-coin transposition that utilises psychology over sleight of hand to cause two coins to transpose between your hand and a spectator’s hand.

TWO SIMPLE SWITCHES: Learn Ben’s Hidden in Plain Sight and No Touch Switch; two extremely simply utilitarian coin switches.

POCKET TIME MACHINE: Take the audience back in time just a few seconds; a startling reframing for a coin vanish that you can use anytime with any small object.