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This is the second volume in Larry Becker’s series of mentalism. More of the same outstanding mentalism.

In the epilogue of volume 1 Larry wrote that this might be his first and last book depending on the response he will receive. Well, the response was overwhelming and Larry answered with an even larger volume of astounding routines for mentalists. There is enough material for several full evening shows. And with a bit of thought you can use Larry’s methods and principles to come up with your own unique miracles.

Here is volume one: World of Super Mentalism I.

1st edition 1979; edited and new layout in 2004; 151 pages.

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Psi-Stebbins
  3. It’s in the Bag II
  4. Pyramid Power
  5. Symbolic
  6. Snakes Alive
  7. Uncanny
  8. Mind Blaster
  9. Spectromental
  10. Ultraffinity Revisited
  11. Dynamation
  12. Ultimate Psychometry
  13. Swindled
  14. Fabulous Gypsy Spell
  15. Auto-Magic
  16. Seance
  17. Vegas Mentalism
  18. Phantom Thought
  19. The Impossible Dream
  20. Multi-Pry
  21. Bell…Book…& Candle
  22. Will Power
  23. The Alpha Routine
  24. Peek-A-Boo-Boo
  25. Anything Goes
  26. The Perfect Mental Utility Device
  27. Bullseye
  28. Crayola Caper
  29. Ghost Image
  30. Supercharged
  31. Network ESP
  32. Date-A-Cation
  33. Matchic
  34. Twin Forecast
  35. Heads or Tails
  36. Increditable – The Original Psy-Quik
  37. Zip
  38. The Mating Game
  39. Espitome
  40. Second Sight
  41. Mind Probe
  42. Foolette
  43. Card Flash
  44. Duo-Matic
  45. The $5,000 Challenge Prediction



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