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Urbanity By JH Hong


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The someone who were really pissed-off as the cafe was closed due…

The someone who were really pissed-off

as the cafe was closed due to the Covid-19

The genuine nerdy skilled magician arrived.

It’s of visuals.. but difficult.. however, as of visuals..

It contains the 3 kinds of the card-changing skills

and the interesting presentations.

– Esquina change

Being changed once shaken, continuously being changed…

– Disparo change

Being changed once shot, even several cards are being changed…

– Pincelero

Being changed once rubbed, continuously being changed…




– Esquina change


– Dispqro change


– Pincelero


코로나 때문에 9시에 카페가 닫아서 빡처버린

스킬러(찐따일지도?) 매지션이 나타났습니다.

비주얼한…하지만 어려운… 그러나 비주얼한…

3종류의 카드 체인지 기술과 재미는 연출들을 담았습니다.

– Esquina change

흔들면 바뀜, 계속 바뀜…

– Disparo change

쏘면 바뀜, 여러장도 바뀜…

– Pincelero

문지르면 바뀜, 계속 바뀜…

이 영상은 영어, 한국어, 일본어 자막을 지원하고 있습니다.

아래 플레이어 설정에서 자막을 선택해 주세요

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+ 한국의 경우 계좌이체로 구매가 가능합니다

문의 주세요 🙂

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