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Unseen Force By TCC



We wanted to create a really good levitation system, that is easy…

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We wanted to create a really good levitation system, that is easy for you to carry around.

That is why it took us three whole years on and off to complete the very first prototype. It took a further six months of constant refinement and research, and three changes in form factor, to make it more compact and more practical. The result is what we now call the Unseen Force.

Unseen Force is essentially a levitation gimmick. We believe the soul of this levitation gimmick lies is where it is “hidden”, once the audience suspects the existence of a thread during the performance, the magical atmosphere is gone, no matter how good the performance is.

We think we have done it.
We are proud to present to you, Unseen Force: A brand new way of levitation.
It’s 100% mechanical…This means no battery is needed for fear of it dying on you.
If you want to move and levitate small objects seemingly by just the power of your mind.
If you want Possess the ability of telekinesis and perform amazing levitations, animations, and balance effects.
Unseen Force is for you, all your need is only your presentation.


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