The cards go in – ONE comes out.

A huge hit at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2024, UNBOXED is a devious gimmick deck / magician’s utility device that lets you PEEK and STEAL a spectator’s signed playing card at lightning speed.

What you decide to do with that card once it’s in your fingertips is entirely up to you: securely load it into your wallet, in a sealed envelope, block of ice or one of the many mystery boxes. 

Think you’ve seen this before!? Think again.

Mark Traversoni’s version of this classic effect is a real game changer – a combination of direct simplicity and some ‘out of the box’ thinking make this super practical for the modern magician, doing everything other versions do on the market and MORE.

– Perform WITH OR WITHOUT a deck switch 

If you’re happy having a card selected from a totally normal deck then great you can use Unboxed with a deck switch! But you now have the option to have a card selected and signed from the same pack of cards that go back into the same box no deck switch required.

– NO blocks of cards to stop the card going back in

Clearly show the other cards as loose and individual when your spectator pushes their signed selection in – truly anywhere they want inside the deck.

– Super clean displays 

Merely holding the box at your fingertips in a very open display of the box, the spectator’s card can be inserted from ANY angle without fear of flashing as the card goes back in the deck. There are zero no angle restrictions and still with the box at fingertips with the signed card inserted it can be viewed all around, 360 degrees, even with people on the floor looking up!

– No expensive gimmicks to replace 

Once you understand the simple principles at play you are able to make up UNBOXED in any deck of cards you want, in minutes. No matter how many times you perform, you’ll never need to worry about expensive costs replacing it should you lose it or the dog chews it to pieces. You will have no worries about it being discontinued or being out of stock for months or years – just remake a deck yourself.

– Don’t Like Palming?

We even show you a NO PALM way to get a card from the box into a sealed envelope in your wallet.

Unboxed can produce your spectator’s Card fully flat or mercury folded.

Unboxed comes ready to go out-the-box, is made from USPCC Quality Playing Cards magicians love to use and is accompanied by an online tutorial that will get you performing some amazing and classic card effects in no time.

Extractor  E2 Real Steal  Swiss Army


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