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Turning Heads by Ryan Stock


An amazing trick with a secret that might be even more impressive…

An amazing trick with a secret that might be even more impressive than the effect.

Here’s how it looks: Your friend spins three coins on the table and covers each with a dollar. Your back is turned THE WHOLE TIME. And, yet, somehow, you REVEAL which coins are heads and which coins are tails.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. When you spectators take a second look at the coins and the bills, they see that THEY have put heads-up dollars on all the heads-up coins, and tails-up dollars on all the tails-up coins.

BUT THAT’S NOT IT EITHER!!! You take things ONE STEP FURTHER and show that the outcomes of the spins are PERFECTLY PREDICTED, in BIG BOLD WRITING, on the hidden sides of the dollars. AND REMEMBER: The coins are all spun FAIRLY. No double-sided coins or anything like that. This trick takes advantage of a coin utility gimmick that you’ll be able to make in SECONDS.

Credits and Thank you to: AmberLynn, Bizzaro, Rick Lax, Justin Flom, Jake Roeber, Hoffman (aka Angelo Lewis).


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