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Thought Master By Patrick Redford

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“Thought Master” allows you to take any deck of cards and stack…

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“Thought Master” allows you to take any deck of cards and stack into any your memorized order by performing one powerful mind reading effect. Handlings include impromptu methods that may involve anywhere from one person all the way up to ten participants. We also include both memorized stack handlings and methods that require no memory or stack work! These later handlings will not allow you to secretly stack the deck but you’ll still be able to perform this killer mind reading effect with any deck of cards.

A personal goal of mine has been to find a perfect way to get a shuffled deck into a prearranged memorized order, right under the audience’s nose. In 2016 I released the first book in my series of memorized stack related material and in it I explored several techniques specific to my personal stack that accomplished exactly that. The second book, Sleightly Out of Order explores the Redford stack even deeper by combining sleight of hand with the principles of the memorized deck. Most of the routines aren’t stack dependent allowing any stack user to adopt the material almost immediately.


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