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Six excellent, diabolically subtle think-a-card solutions compiled from other books we publish. All are 100% workable with no sleights, although they may call for a set-up, key card, or other minor subterfuge. Material includes Paul Curry’s Think of a Card (S6 – Six Si Stebbins Stunners), James Reneaux’s A Mental Mystery with Cards (James Reneaux Lecture Notes), Bert Allerton’s Think-a-Card Mindreading Trick (The Disarming Card Deceptions of Bert Allerton), J.G. Thompson’s Tangible Intangible (The Clever and Thompson Manuscripts 1 – 5), Ed Marlo’s Streamlined Discernment (Amazing, Isn’t It?), and Howard Albright’s Perfect Card Divination (Super-Psychic Mental Effects). 11 pages.


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