Hands down, the single greatest creation in all of mentalism is, without question, ‘Desire’ by Max Maven.

It’s simplicity and clarity is the perfect demonstration of how mind reading should feel.

I used the original routine for years, however the only thing I could never get to grips with, the one tiny part I could never get comfortable with, was the necessity to hold the billets throughout the demonstration.

My handling solves that problem instantly.

The props can still all be borrowed. Four cards and four pens. Done.

What you’re going to learn is a seemingly hands-off demonstration of pure mind reading.

In fact, after they’ve been mixed thoroughly, you have the person mixing them lay them on the table and THEY hand you the top billet to begin. What follows solves every challenge I faced with the original.

Not only will you learn my handling for this routine, you’ll also gain a high-level understanding of how I utilise billets in the real world to ensure they become psychologically invisible using Ran Pink’s impeccable ‘T-Rex’ tear as my example*.

I like to ensure the only thing which remains is the experience of mind to mind communication.

Billet work is the cornerstone of Mentalism and using them effectively and correctly is pivotal to their innocence and deceptiveness. I want to share my experience from the trenches to build your confidence with these often bold and direct techniques to ensure you gain the maximum impact from them within your own performances.


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