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“Danny does it again! Something you will use, I am adding this to my repertoire!!”
– Nicholas Lawrence

<i? <i=””>”Danny’ Which Money Card? turns the 3 card Monte effect on its head! Usually Monte effects are predictable and make the spectator feel like a sucker. Danny fixes this problem by jamming in moment after moment of visual magic leaving the spectator’ mind blown and their ego intact.”
– Myles Thornton

Danny Urbanus shares his take on the 3 Card Monte.

You will learn a routine you can use on your social media as well as in real life situations. Clear, direct, visual and strong. Four words that not only describe this routine but all of Danny’ repertoire.

Pure sleight of hand and moderately easy to do (advanced beginner level).

17 minutes of detailed video instructions that include the table version and an in-the-hands version (you need one participant)


Also included on this download

3 Piece and a Monte

This is Danny’s original approach to doing a Monte effect with just one card that he rips into three pieces. Worth the price of the download just for the bonus!


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