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During your performance you ask via a show of hands who believes in aliens or alien abductions. Requesting for someone who held their hand up to join you, an experiment in remote viewing is suggested.

The participant is seated into a chair and put into a relaxed state of mind. They are then asked to imagine themselves experiencing an alien abduction which you guide them through. They start to recall specific moments of the event with great detail.

Upon completing their journey they are asked to open their eyes and also the envelope they have been holding the entire time.

Inside the envelope they find a police report, it is a witness statement from an unknown person who claims to have been abducted by aliens. The details of the witness statement match those of the participant’s imaginary journey with pinpoint accuracy.

Is this proof of remote viewing, or has the participant already experienced an alien abduction and is only now remembering their encounter?

1st edition 2015, 13 pages.


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