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The Salt Game by Dirk Losander


Are you often perform close-up magic because in the case of unprepared…

Are you often perform close-up magic because in the case of unprepared , unable to find a suitable opening act bothered yet. Sometimes , people eat in restaurants , they do not want to see the magic , when you encounter this situation , this salt is a very good game opening act . This is a five-minute process , the salt from a hand to another hand , even in the hands of the waiter salt , instantly appear in the napkin . This is Losander invention for warm up against those who resist with a certain audience in mind .

Salt Game by Dirk Losander

Have you have had problems finding the right start for your close-up performance in a roaming situation? Sometimes people in restaurants do not want to see magic. When this happens, the Salt Game is the right way to open. It is a 5 minute salt routine where salt travels from one hand to the other or even in the hands of a waiter and appears inside a napkin. This routine was created by Losander to warm up some resistant audiences. It’s a game called Catch the Salt. You have to just see how people jump out of their seats if you are about to throw a hand full of salt towards them. When it vanishes right in front of their eyes, there is no one at the table who does not want to see magic anymore. It’s a great ice breaker! Get your Salt Game today.


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