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The Magic Course Week 5 Zoom Live By Alex Pandrea





COURSE IS NOW LOCKED. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO SIGNED UP. ~Special Note: This is a pre-order of the Card Magic Course by Alex Pandrea. The course will begin the first week of August. You will NOT be able to join the course after the pre-order period is over on July 31st. We will open up orders until that day, then lock it and begin the lessons. Of course, the sooner you get in, the more exclusive content you will receive during the pre-order period ~

FAQ : Are the videos pre-recorded? Yes, you will receive pre-recorded videos at the start of each week. There will be a LIVE session at the end of each week which will be RECORDED also and sent to you.

Will I be able to view the videos after the course is over? YES, they are recorded and sent to you to view anytime you wish

What Is The Magic Course?

You will learn over 50 sleights, 10 effects, 5 full routines, and my full magic theory. The price turns out to be UNDER $33 PER WEEK for the 6 week period.

The Magic Course is a first of its kind. It is a video masterclass of everything I learned about card magic over my 20 years of performing sleight of hand. It’s goal is simple : to make YOU a master magician in 5 weeks! I spent the last months structuring the course with only the strongest material in mind. I realized over the last few years of being on youtube that there is so much more I want to teach and talk about – but didn’t feel right putting it on my channel. I took all of that knowledge and put it into this course. These are the real secrets in making your magic powerful. Not only will we take you through the sleights and effects that I perform, but I will break down everything we learn so you understand why it works, what makes it strong, and how to successfully perform them for maximum impact. Most importantly, I will teach you my theory behind magic and how we can think of our performances at a higher level. In the BONUS week I will share secrets of mine that I use at the end of my performances to never be forgotten that I have NEVER shared with anyone. I’ll keep exactly what it is a secret but in my humble opinion, this will be worth the price of this entire course.

Who Is This Course For?

I would love to say that this course is for everyone. Unfortunately there are many magicians out there who are complacent with their magic. They believe that magic is something quick and fun to show their friends – they dilute the power of it by calling what they do “tricks”. We’ve all seen them. They give magic a bad name and worse of all, they don’t want to improve. They might say “why don’t you just do a double lift quickly and make the card change?” To be completely honest, I was that magician. I thought because I could do a few quick tricks and get a reaction that made me a good magician. I stopped trying to improve. 10 years ago I probably would not have bought this course because of that ego. With that being said, if you are comfortable doing your few quick tricks then this course is probably not for you. So who is this course for? I created this course for the magicians out there who want to take their magic to the next level. EVERYONE will be able to perform the material taught on this course, but there is so much more than just that. I created this course for those who see the potential in what they do and understand the power we all hold as magicians. For those who want to change lives with their magic. For those who want their card magic to be more than just “tricks” – to create meaningful connections with the audience, powerful performances, and never be forgotten.


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