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This 50 paged eBook contains five routines.

The Humanistic Response – This propless routine allows you to divine three random thoughts. That’s right. A multiphased propless routine where each phase builds. The spectator imagines a colour of a LEGO brick, a number (of how many points the LEGO brick has on top) and a structure they would build with a bunch of LEGO bricks. The performer then divines everything. During the routine, the performer will give the spectator a reading. A reading they will never forget.

MAYHEM – During a reveal. Why don’t you create an epiphany? With MAYHEM you do just that. Manufacture an epiphany for the spectator. No preshow. No gimmicks.

The Cold Pin – During a reading, the performer stops. Divines a pincode. Then continues the reading. No gimmicks. No props. No preshow. No prior knowledge. No questions. No math.

The Entry – The performer asks the spectator to pull out their iPhone. The performer asks them to enter the calendar app and to scroll up and down the app to decide on a random date, month and year. The performer then divines everything in any way they wish. No gimmicks. Easy to do. Requires an iPhone. No pen and paper.

The Masterpiece – Holy grail. The performer places a playing card face down onto a table. The spectator goes on a journey and decides on a playing card.
At the end of the routine the spectator turns over the card and it’s their thought of card!

No Equivoque.
No Psychological Control.
One card used.
Can be done propless.
No deck of cards.
No indexes.
No off by one.

Can be performed as an incredibly clean invisible deck.
Alongside these five stellar routines you will learn, Vale 1 Vale 2 Vale 3
The Vale series teaches you unique ways to divine a suit.
All propless.
All different.

This booklet is beginner friendly, intermediate friendly and advanced friendly. The book is written in a way that is enjoyable. A way that will make you want to read the booklet again and again to get the most out of it. You’ll learn all of these unique routines and principles and so much more with The Humanistic Response.
Are you ready to level up your mentalism?

“Emma Wooding is a creative young mentalist who can make the experience of watching her feel like genuine mind reading. To that degree, although not all effects in Humanistic Response are sure-fire, they will teach you some new ways to think about the psychological force, as well as other ways to psychologically prompt or pull one’s audience.” Alain Nu

“This book is definitely worth its price and more. I will use the Cold Pin for sure and The Humanistic Response is a very creative and workable routine that you can perform with nothing on you. One of the best releases I’ve read in months. Good job Emma!”
Nico Heinrich.

“If you are new to the propless realm, then you will really benefit from the principles explained in this book. If you are an old time level 99 propless master, I still think that you should give this a read as I for one have had quite a few ideas and epiphanies from reading this book”.
Luke Turner


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