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Larry Jenning’s iconic Mystery Card has been reimagined with coins to create a miracle that takes place right in your spectator’s hand.

You start by showing two silver dollars and a penny that is marked to verify its identity. You also show an empty Okito Box. The coins are then placed by one-by-one onto the hand of the spectator with the penny sandwiched between the two silver dollars. The Okito Box is shown to be empty one final time and then closed.

The magician then makes a magical gesture before instructing the spectator to open their hand. When they do, they’ll find that only the two silver dollars remain. There is no trace of the penny. The spectator then opens the Okito box to find the marked penny inside.

Don’t have an Okito Box?
No problem, you can also perform The Great Escape by secretly getting the penny into your pocket.

Download now to learn all of the details for this incredible routine.


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