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“The best thing I’ve ever come up with.” —Jim Swain

“The Ghost Peek is…guaranteed to amaze and confound.” —Steve Forte

That is high, high praise for the Ghost Peek, our newest download. So what is the Ghost Peek? Without revealing too much, we can tell you this: it’s an important improvement on a classic gambler’s peek that allows you to sight a card anywhere in the deck without turning any of the cards over. Most peeks occur by tilting the faces of the cards toward yourself, either under cover of a gesture or an action. In the Ghost Peek, the cards remain face down, away from your face, throughout.

This peek is not a pipe dream, nor is it an experimental idea. It’s a practical, audience-tested utility you will learn within an hour and use for the rest of your life.

It’s difficult to demo a move like this, because it’s invisible! There is NOTHING to see, and that’s what is so beautiful about the Ghost Peek. This peek has similarities to a technique by Gazzo and is explained with his blessing.

“The Ghost Peek blew me away. It’s really deceptive and will get by anyone.” —Bill Malone

In mentalism circles I’m regarded as a peek-meister. So naturally, the Ghost Peek drew my attention. What I saw, or rather didn’t see, was akin to me not seeing the ghost. In Mr. Swain’s capable hands, the Peek becomes the Ghost. Literally, from within the pack, the Ghost invisibly appears to inaudibly reveal the card to you and you alone! Advanced card workers with soft, smooth hands will enjoy this subtle technique and its multiple applications. James Swain is an elegant, graceful, but powerful Swan of the Pasteboards! —Richard Busch

Running time: 27 minutes, 13 seconds.


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