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Have you ever wanted to learn and perfect the faro shuffle? In this three hour video, we go over everything from the best cards to start with, how to prepare the deck to be sure it is easy to work with, training wheel techniques that make the shuffle easier to learn, in the hands techniques as well as the much sought after but rarely seen table faro shuffle that looks like table riffle shuffle. This project isn’t only geared to those who have never successfully done a faro shuffle. Those who aren’t new to the faro shuffle will take away new subtleties and finesses as well as learn five different routines.

Explore the mathematics behind the faro and learn to position any card at any position in the pack. Learn to stack the deck for your favorite routines on the fly with a few shuffles.

Routines include:

Moonshine – An approach to the any card at any number plot
Double Thought – An Impossible double card location that will fool the most discerning audience.
Greg Chapman’s Searchers Outdone  – Two cards are selected and returned while the deck is out of the performer’s hands. Two kings are turned face up and placed near the top and bottom of the deck. The cards are cut and shuffled only to find the two kings have come together with the two selections trapped between them!
King Me – Three selection are trapped found by the two black kings
The Aces Have it – Two selections end up between face-up Aces, may be repeated
Alex Elmsley’s Collinspell – The four aces vanish one at a time and appear back in the deck when spelling their names.



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