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The perfect magician-in-trouble trick that can be done with any shuffled deck at any time. GET THIS TODAY!

A new FAISDU (from a shuffled deck in use) trick created by Erik Casey.

The Expression Test has been in the making for over 6 years now. A card is freely chosen from a shuffled deck. Returned. And then shuffled again.

You then show a series of four cards, each one getting progressively closer to their selection as you read the expression on their face. The spectator says that their card is not any of the cards. But all you have to do is give the cards a little shake and the selection visually appears.

After they pick their jaws up from the floor the other three cards are then revealed to perfectly match the selection. This is done with almost no sleight of hand, a borrowed shuffled deck, no gimmicks, and completely surrounded.

Shot, directed, and edited by Joao Da Silva

Voice-over provided by Bryan Saint

Inspired by Ryan Schlutz and Shoot Ogawa’s magic

Special thanks to Sebastian Gerhardt for pushing me to continually refine the effect to what you see today.


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