An all new stacked deck.

The spectator is asked to cut a regular packet of cards and to complete the cut by placing the bottom half on top. The performer ribbon spreads the cards face-down onto the table, inviting the spectator to slide any card from within the spread. The selection is at this stage kept face-down with its identity remaining unknown.

The packet is once again gathered up before the spectator is asked to again cut the deck into two piles. The position cut to is marked by placing the lower half of the deck onto the upper at a right angle.

The selected card is turned face-up revealing its identity.

The performer points out the fact that the spectator has actually cut to two cards, one on the bottom of the top half and one on the top of the bottom half. The top half is turned over and shows a card that exactly matches the suit of the spectator’s selection. The top card from the bottom half is turned face-up, showing a card that exactly matches the value of the spectator’s selection.


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