The classic effect of card in the box now has an amazing surprise ending!!
Spectator selects a card and you shuffle. Now, you will find the selected card with some clues… but every time it seems that the cards don’t help you, but at the end you reveal the final clue to find the selected card inside of the card CASE!!!

– People love it.
– It fools magicians.
– Clean and visual.
– High Impact.
– Surprise ending works.
– In English and Spanish.

Christian Engblom
“Very clean and magical.”

Henry Evans
” A mind-blowing effect with very good conditions and a perfectly matching presentation. Signing the chosen card boost the effect and increases the impossibility for the audience. Technique, presentation and conditions were incredibly combined creating a completely balanced effect ”

Lee Asher
“Perhaps you’ll watch it twice and be fooled twice, I know, it happened to me!”

Mike Powers
“Aimar’s Card to Box totally fooled me. I had no idea that the selection was in the box. Every movement is motivated. You won’t see it coming.”

Rodney Reyes
“This is a great effect that I never expected, when the card goes to the box; it is covered very well within the routine and it has a surprise ending.”

Yannick Chretien
“Very good trick!! I didn’t expect what happened.”


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