This book contains a total of fifty items,including routines, utility moves, & essays. Many of the items can be used for intimate close-up performances or for larger stage shows. Regardless of what type of audience that you perform for, you will find material in “The Book Of Haunted Magick” that you can add to your working repertoire right away.

Here are a few Examples:
Intersection – A direct prediction that requires no forcing or sleight-of-hand, and it certainly “packs flat and plays big.”
Truth Of The Relic – The performer is able to determine who possesses a specific item, without the use of gimmicks, peeks, or sleight-of-hand
Drawn Together – A strong test of telepathy that involves a number of audience members.
Beads Of Destiny – A magical Tarot reading that provides a keepsake for the participant.
Dyadic Thoughts – A test with ESP symbols that demonstrates telepathy & clairvoyance.
Beyond TheWitching Hour – The hands of a timepiece move with the aid of the spirits.
Numerology – Two participants unlock the future for themselves & the performer.
CSR – A deceptive utility move with Tarot Cards, ESP cards, or a standard deck.
Terasabos – A strong non-gimmicked, non-sleight demonstration of apparent psychic abilities.

Also included is a special section that features photos & routines from our dark attraction,The Haunted Chamber.

Each routine can be modified to fit almost any performance style including mentalism, HauntedMagick, or standard magic.There is truly something for everyone in “The Book Of Haunted Magick”

Pages 183


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