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The Bammo Flim-Flam Conglomeration by Bob Farmer


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One of MAGIC Magazine and Genii’s most beloved columns has FINALLY been compiled into one incredible…

One of MAGIC Magazine and Genii’s most beloved columns has FINALLY been compiled into one incredible hardcover book.

Bob Farmer’s “Flim-Flam” column was a wildly popular feature in both MAGIC Magazine and Genii Magazine for many years. This regular column, which explored the fascinating intersection between cons, cheating and magic tricks, produced some of the most-talked about articles ever read.

For years, magicians have clamored for all of the articles to be compiled into one place. And now, that dream has finally come true! All of the “Flim Flam” columns, and even some amazing bonus material, have been compiled into a luxurious oversized hardcover book.

The Bammo Flim-Flam CONglomeration features nearly 500 pages of con and scam themed magic. There is everything from card tricks to dice tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, mentalism, domino tricks, montes, gambling scams, bar bets…and, of course, tons of humor along the way. Everything is explained in great detail and is accompanied by 100s of illustrations.

In The Bammo Flim-Flam CONglomeration, you’ll learn things like how to:

  • Cut to any poker hand called for
  • Throw dice that never lose (even though they’re NOT loaded)
  • Transform pocket change into a cash-generating gold mine
  • Perform arguably world’s best full-deck false shuffle
  • …and so much more!

The detailed “Scamdex” allows you to easily find the perfect effect or demonstration for every audience or environment. You’ll always have the right presentation for the right moment. But, please remember, everything in this book should be used for entertainment purposes only.

472 Pages| Hardcover | Three-piece cloth binding | Acid-free archival paper | Printed in the USA


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