SECRETSTUDIO presents [S]Witch, an easy and impromptu method to read people’s mind.

[S]Witch is more than an effect , it’s a great impromptu technique, created by Julien during years of performances in Caribean cruiseships and live shows. (France/Brasil/USA)

The effect is simple :
You ask someone to draw or write anything on a small paper/business card. In only two very fair moves, you can duplicate their toughts.

YES we’re talking about a switch , but such a good one ! It’s done in front of your spectator’s eyes , and even- YOU- magicians, you know there’s one in play , you can’t see it. It’s that STRONG.

This method is a real WORKER , performed hundreds of times by Julien for real audiences. A powerfull secret kept underground since today.
With [S]witch , you have a devious new method to upgrade any prediction effect even any Q&As.

SUPER Easy to do
No funny moves or special script
No card skills needed
Totally impromptu and organic
You need only some cards and any pen
Can be performed sitting , standing and with the best angles to date surrounded.

A perfect way to do stunning drawing duplications, with more than 30 min of in depth online explanations :
-Full live performances
-Spectactor’s view ,
-Performer’s view ,
-Slow motion moves and two possibles handlings :
1 Stand up version
2 Table version

As a FREE BONUS , you’ll recieve ICE PEEK, an 8 PAGES PDF with precious toughts and ideas about peeking informations and how to manage your audience’s choices and feelings.

“Achieve the impossible”
[S]Witch , a SECRETSTUDIO production


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