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John Carey is back with another download packed full of his traditional blend of commercial, easy, and direct card magic. We think that this one is his best yet, with practical, solid routines along with John’s clear explanations. You’ll learn:

Stealth Aces: a variation of a John Bannon Ace Assembly that is impromptu, easy, and direct.

Reset All The Way: Paul Harris’ Reset has been given the Carey treatment, turning it into an effective little packet trick. Four Aces transpose with four Jokers, then back again and it’s as clean as it can be!

Kickback Assembly: a streamlined version of the classic plot, with an ending that will fool magicians, and surprise laypeople!

Wild Thing: a small-packet Wild Card routine using just the four Aces. This effect will find its way into your walkaround repertoire, we’re sure of it!

Aces for Larry: a little-known Larry Jennings effect combined with some John Carey touches, make for a great, direct quick effect that is considerably easier than the Jennings original.


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