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Spellebrity By Nikolas Mavresis



Spellebrity is a super easy and clever spelling principle that can be…

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Spellebrity is a super easy and clever spelling principle that can be adapted to any situation. This powerful effect is self-working and doesn’t require difficult sleight of hand like the diagonal palm shift or classic pass.

This instant download comes complete with 3 routines designed for all skill levels from beginner magicians to working professionals.

Imagine having a spectator select a random card from a shuffled pack of celebrity names. They then deal down cards as they spell the celebrity’s name and impossibly find their selection.

Or, imagine having two spectators freely select two different playing cards which are then both found using the Spellebrity principle. This can be instantly repeated with new cards. Despite not knowing what cards they select, you’re still able to control the outcome every time.

This is truly impossible magic that can be done with a normal deck of cards or business cards. The method is so sneaky it almost feels unfair.

No forces
No marked cards
Spectators shuffle the cards
Instant reset
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