Lance Pierce is an underground legend and one of the finest practitioners of classical sleight-of-hand magic you will ever see. He is a student of Roger Klause and Michael Skinner, and it shows in his work. We are so proud to have two EXCLUSIVE downloads, found only here at Vanishing Inc. Magic. Each download is comprised of three tricks and one move, and BOTH downloads are worthy of your careful study. Here’s what you’ll find:

Aces Up: The four Aces are meticulously and fairly lost in the deck, only to rise back to the top. There is a moment in the performance of this effect–you’ll know it when you see it–when Lance flashes some indifferent cards to show the Aces have not yet risen. This fooled us completely. Gorgeous routine.

A Logical Conclusion: Lance’s masterful take on a Larry Jennings effect in which an entire packet of cards changes in the most unexpected manner.

Modern Follow the Leader: Lance puts his eloquent touch on the classic plot. This is, we think, the definitive version of this classic effect.

Deliberate Sidesteal Finesse: Lance adds a dribble into the middle of the Sidesteal action, which aids in making the sleight very casual and fair.


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