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SILENT MESSENGER – Limited Edition

Docc Hilford
Elegance in Sealed Envelope Reading
The Wizard’s ManualSystem 88The Perfect Mental Club Act.
What do these classic Hilford pieces have in common?
They all have near TWENTY FIVE years of development behind them,
They all have DECADES of performance under them,
And they all are used in they acts of top professionals TODAY.
SILENT MESSENGER is the supreme in sealed message reading.
Like the other Hilford classics, SILENT MESSENGER has TWENTY FIVE years of development and performance,
and it’s used by professionals who are in the know.
SILENT MESSENGER is an assassin that moves like a shadow, unheard, unfelt, unseen.
By the time your target suspects anything could be happening, SILENT MESSENGER is long gone.
SILENT MESSENGER is a mind reading machine!
Leaves no traces of having done the job.
Gets in – gets out.
SILENT MESSENGER is absolutely the eminence of sealed message reading.
It uses PUSH BUTTON simplicity.
A target writes a question on a small card and seals it (herself) in a coin envelope.
You immediately begin the reading.
The target signs the envelope and places it in the her pocket.
Once the target signs the envelope YOU NEVER TOUCH IT!
Yet all of the private information is delivered to you in an ABSOLUTELY UNDETECTABLE manner.
You have as much time as you wish to peruse the information without the target ever noticing you’re reading her question.
SILENT MESSENGER secretly displays the stolen information on a display case.
Finally, the information is stealthily dispensed back to the target’s SEALED envelope.
With a literal push of a button, SILENT MESSENGER will…
  • DELIVER – the information to you,
  • DISPLAY – the information for you,
  • DISPENSE – the information back to them.
This is the real thing!
Silent Messenger is the only method I use for table to table readings in high end night clubs and bistros.
In twenty five years of performing, I’ve never found anything even remotely as efficient and invisible.” – Docc Hilford
SILENT MESSENGER is designed so the misdirection is built in.
It automatically hides…
That the information is secured,
That you read it,
That it’s returned to the signed sealed envelope.
SILENT MESSENGER is a deadly device for secretly gaining any information right under your target’s nose.
Specifically designed to be done close-up, with all eyes on the card and envelope all the time.
SILENT MESSENGER is arguably one of the top mentalism effects ever devised.
There are…
  • No chemicals,
  • No window envelopes,
  • No slits or tears,
  • No hidden lights,
  • No carbons or impressions,
  • No batteries required,
  • No special pens,
  • You can use your own business cards.
Her actual question card goes directly into the envelope.
And after the target seals and signs the envelope, YOU NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN!
The target puts it in her pocket, purse or wallet and takes it home.
The envelope is NEVER OPENED to check the question or for any other reason.
SILENT MESSENGER can be described in a single word…
SILENT MESSENGER is the supreme method in sealed message reading,
SILENT MESSENGER is the only method where the device does the work,
SILENT MESSENGER provides all the ruses so YOU CAN’T BE CAUGHT doing anything unnatural,
A full MP3 recording will be included.
It discusses every angle of the psychology of bringing SILENT MESSENGER up to the level of undeniably a true demonstration of thought reading.
Based on four established rules of theater, the MP3 will walk you through ways to set up the expectancy of your target, so nothing is ever noticed you want to remain unnoticed.
You’ll learn specifically how to create amnesia in your target, so he forgets details later.
And best of all, you learn exactly how to give the target false memories so when she retells the experience, it becomes many times more than what she witnessed.
NOTE: You can operate SILENT MESSENGER without any of the psychological wrinkles.
The device stands alone and will fool the most skeptical.
However, combined with certain laws of theater and human mind mapping, you build a MONSTER.
SILENT MESSENGER is Elegance in Sealed Envelope Reading



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