$65.00 $1.20Shadow Wallet By Dee Christopher (Gimmick not included)
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Shadow Wallet By Dee Christopher (Gimmick not included)

$65.00 $1.20


  A revolutionary minimalist mentalism utility that is destined to be your…

Shadow Wallet – Dee Christopher – The 1914


A revolutionary minimalist mentalism utility that is destined to be your new favorite EDC!

The “Shadow Wallet” from Dee Christopher & The 1914 is the world’s slimmest, self-contained index and peek wallet. Even when loaded with cash, credit cards and the one-of-a-kind custom gimmicks and special privacy filter, the “Shadow Wallet” is still only 1cm (or less than half an inch) thick. This allows it to fit in any pocket (even those on your tightest jeans), purse or bag, enabling you to perform mind-blowing feats of mentalism at anytime.

This minimalist style does not come at the sacrifice of quality either. Dee has also used the “Shadow Wallet” to address concerns about other minimalist wallets that had been brought to his attention over the years by the magic community including:

More pockets
Better materials
Easier actions
Increased versatility.
Two gorgeous and distinct styles are available to suit EVERY performer:

Classic Leather Shadow Wallet
Beautifully crafted with high-quality, supple black leather, this wallet exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication. It’s perfect for any performer looking to showcase their professionalism in business meetings, award shows and black tie events.

Carbon Fiber Shadow Wallet
The first magic wallet to ever be produced with REAL carbon fiber, this stunning version will last you a lifetime. The slick carbon fiber is perfectly trimmed with vegan leather to offer a cruelty-free option for performers and also forge a post-modern look for casual situations and street magic performances.


Here’s just a small sampling of what you can do with the “Shadow Wallet”:

Pull a named card from an empty wallet (no deck required, necessary cards included)
Peek any information written on a business card
A unique book test effect with a completely examinable single page folded up in your wallet (uses an ordinary book)
The “Shadow Wallet” is perfect for mentalists and magicians of ALL SKILL LEVELS. In the 2-hour comprehensive masterclass included with every wallet, Dee Christopher and Lewis LéVal walk you through all the possibilities of this powerful device—including a variety of handlings, peeks and subtleties. They hold NOTHING back. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start performing incredible feats of mind reading and prediction effects with the “Shadow Wallet”.

Most importantly though, the “Shadow Wallet” gives you the power to unlock your own creativity. With the cleanest of peeks and a 6-way index offering up to 12 outs, you’ll be developing your own mind-bending routines in no time.