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SENSATION By Mickael Chatelain




SENSATION by Mickael Chatelain

EFFECT 1: Take a small pebble from your pocket, explain that you picked it up by the water during one of your trips. Among thousands of pebbles that day, a strange SENSATION pushed you towards him and not another. Since then, you always have it in your pocket, a bit like a lucky charm! Give it to your spectators and ask them if they too feel anything by touching it? As the puck passes from hand to hand between your spectators, take out 3 small empty matchboxes. Give them to examine, they are absolutely ORDINARY! Your spectators can open them, close them, etc … there is nothing to see since it is just 3 simple matchboxes and nothing else, we promise! Explain to your spectators that you are going to turn your head or even leave the room to see nothing! During this time, one of your spectators will have to put the pebble in one of the boxes and close it … The other boxes will also be closed of course. The 3 boxes are closed by your spectators, they are all placed on the table next to each other! Only one contains your pebble, your lucky charm! You are now invited to return or face the table again … As on this beach, a strange sensation invades you then … Take out a € 10 bill for example and say that if this feeling turns out to be false, the bill will be for the person who placed the pebble in one of the 3 boxes! Your hands are empty, you don’t touch the boxes! Just ask your viewers to swap the first box with the second. Slowly, the spectator complies! So that there is no doubt, also ask to swap the second box with the third! Needless to say, there is no noise! And that nothing, absolutely nothing, can distinguish the empty boxes from the box containing the pebble! As on this beach, you are inexorably drawn to one of the 3 boxes! Point at it and ask your spectators to open it, the pebble is well inside! Your spectators themselves open the other two boxes, they are of course empty. Everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is examinable! There is nothing to see ! An unfathomable mystery!